THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING A SMALL BUSINESS who specializes solely in factory cart coffee tables.

To Order a cart: 

1.  You can simply pick a cart from the Available Carts page and send us an email including the cart #, your phone number, and 1 of the 4 shipping options we offer.

2. We will return you email and we will finalize your order over the phone.


If you do not see an available cart that you like then take these steps:

1.  Go the bottom of the Different Style page and decide on the Style # you want.

2.  Email us the style # , your phone #, and how you want your cart i.e. Original Condition, Cleaned, or Fully Refinished.

3.  If you would like your cart Fully Refinished then reference in your email any cart pictured on my site that has the shade/stain that you want and/or how your stain would compare to it.  i.e.  "I like the stain and finish on the top left corner of the Different Styles page but would like it a little more golden"  Also include the finish you would like i.e. satin (no gloss), semi gloss, or gloss.

Please include your phone number in your email because it better to discuss these options in person than via email.

Thank you for your business.

We will gladly answer any questions you have at any time either by phone (251) 591-7669 or via email

To finalize all orders a phone call is required.  

Thank you 

Edward Bailey

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