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Notice: We are now completely set up and open in our new facility in Mobile AL. We have many carts that are available but not posted on the site yet. You may still purchase a cart however we are only selling Fully Refinished Carts at this time. Please text or email 


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Welcome to Antique Factory Cart Coffee Tables

Thank you for supporting us Since 2008!

Your MOST EXTENSIVE Factory Cart Coffee Table company who specializes in refinishing factory carts. 

Originally located in Birmingham, Alabama and now Mobile, Alabama. 

We ship to Continental USA and Internationally.

Before viewing my site please read over the page: 


What are these Carts?

These historic Antique Factory Carts were originally used in various factories throughout the United States to transport goods around the factory floors. Over the years, people have begun collecting these carts for their unique individual character and "green" qualities.  These carts are used for several purposes; unique coffee tables, retail display tables, indoor firewood storage, garden apparatus, as a functioning cart, and much more.  Perfect for loft apartments, beach houses, lake houses, coffee stores, retail display stands, shoe store display tables, hunting lodges, or any urban house, as the focal point of any room. Despite already being approximately 100 years old they will be here and still in great condition for our grandchildren to enjoy. Also they have been in proudly displayed in magazines such as  Coastal Living, Southern Living, and the cover of March 09' Total Beach House Magazine (a Coastal Living Published Magazine) and B-Metro Magazine April 2011, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings series on Netflix 2019. 


Our Carts

We have several carts available for sale, which date back to the early 1900's.  All parts of the cart are original to that cart, and have not been replaced or modified. We still have a few with the names of the original manufacturer on the side. 
The carts all vary in dimensions but most are approximately 48" x 28" x 16" and mostly made of solid red oak wood and cast iron casters.
 Our carts are available as "Partial Cart", "Original Condition”, "Cleaned",“Fully Refinished” or "Custom".

Partial cart = Partial carts are $339 for 48" long or $399 for 60" long carts plus shipping.  Partial simply means that they have no top boards because either the boards were in bad condition or replaced with plywood etc.  All metal and hardware are included and in good condition unless stated otherwise.  We offer this special because we ONLY sell our carts in original condition in which we have found them in.These are an excellent choice for someone who wants to save some money and spend time placing new "old" boards on top or just a piece of glass. Note 60" partials are $339 + 25 additional if shipping is required. If partials are available then they will be posted on the Available Carts for sale page.

"Original" cart = original means just that exactly as we found it but it's now leveled and stabilized and the majority of the dust and dirt removed $399.. Perfect if putting your cart outside in a garden or if your wanting to refinish your own from the beginning of the project.

"Cleaned" cart = original condition but the wood has all been completly samded and is ready to be stained/refinished or can be left as is for a clean but more rustic look. The cart leveled and stabilized for only $599.   First we remove all glue, staples, etc from the wood and punch all nails in. Then we sand to remove all splinters and smooth all edges as if we were going to refinish it.  Then we clean all the metal outside and underneath the cart.  Then we sand the bottoms of all the wheels down to bare metal.  Then apply a protective clear coating to the bottoms of the wheels so they are ready for your floors.  Then we level and stabilize your cart.  At this point your cart will be completely ready for your house and in the original but "Cleaned" condition which can be left as is or you can apply any protective finish your comfortable with. 


Cleaned AND Metal Refinished: $749 All wood is sanded down to remove all splinters and most debris then the metal is completely refinished to which ever option you choose from the Metal Refinishing options page.  When you receive your cart you can leave it as is or you can simply add a stain/finish, oil, wax etc.) We will tell you exactly how we do it and you can have a part in your unique piece. 

Fully Refinished cart =  $799. All wood is sanded down to remove splinters and most debris, stained, and then sealed with polyurethane for a durable long lasting professional finish. All metal is refinished and you can choose from the Metal Refinishing options page how you would like it done. All metal including cast iron casters are removed, sanded down to bare metal then a  finish is applied.  If you would like it natural clear coat then a solution is applied to reveal the natural patina of the metal resulting in an elegant antique finish void of rust and then a clear coat is applied to all metal to maintain a rust free finish for many years to come.  I also offer and recommend the metal to be refinished in a high quality flat black that is hand painted carefully on all metal surfaces which is how every cart was originally made many years ago. We have recently started offering two other finishes Hammered black (option A on the Metal Refinishing options page) and Metallic Bronze option D.
By far option B (natural clear coat) option D (metallic bronze) are the most popular.

The refinished carts present with a more fashionable elegance, while maintaining their unique and antique character which is why this is our most popular option.

Custom carts = start at $1100 and consist of unlimited options such as altering the length/width/height (larger or smaller), replacing all nails and nuts with square heads, glass added to the top, specific stain hue, specific finish (oil, polyurethane, wax etc.)  Note that we have made carts much smaller and much larger to fit your room perfectly.  Also you can customize your cart with an original piece of artwork by Larry Rackley at www.yellowfingallery.com.  He hand paints every painting individually then applies a very protective clear coat so the top of the cart is still functional.   More info upon request. Contact us via email/phone if you decide on a custom cart.

Our Goal

"To exceed your expectations by providing you with a very unique coffee table at a unbeatable price for the professional quality and customer service, which you enjoy so much that you recommend Antique Factory Cart Coffee Tables to others."
Thank you, Edward Bailey and Michael Gamotis

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