Current Specials

These specials can change and become invalid at no particular set time/date.

In order to take advantage of these specials you must have contacted us and be logged in our system, at that time you will be eligible for that special up to 1 week after the special has changed. This never applies to Special #1.

Note: All special on this page only apply to the standard size carts (48" in length).

Note: That partial carts are available starting at $239 despite any other special or discount unless mentioned on this page. Also they are never included in any special unless stated on this page.

Special # 1  Large wheels available for sale as decorative items. $55ea plus shipping UPS while supplies last. Contact me for pics of whats available.

Special # 2 While supplies last, Incomplete carts aka Partial carts of Style # 6 48" long, starting at $239 plus shipping.  Note I also have just a couple 60" long carts style #6 available for $339.  Incomplete simply means that they have NO top boards  Some partial carts may be missing a corner piece or more but that will be noted in the above description of that cart on the Available Carts For Sale page.  Note: this special # 5 is invalid with any other specials. Contact us for multi order shipping discounts (not available at this time  ONLY A couple left.  Also note that shipping is $25 more on 60" partial carts. Email me for more info.

Special # 3 Limited time only: "Cleaned" original condition cart leveled and stabilized for only $549.   First we remove all glue, staples, etc from the wood and punch all nails in. Then we sand to remove all splinters and smooth all edges as if we were going to refinish it.  Then we clean all the metal outside and underneath the cart.  Then we sand the bottoms of all the wheels down to bare metal.  Then apply a protective clear coating to the bottoms of the wheels so they are ready for your floors.  Then we level and stabilize your cart.  At this point your cart will be completely ready for your house and in the original but "Cleaned" condition.  If you plan on staining or refinishing the wood yourself then this is what you would want because all you will have to do is apply the stain/finish and you will be saving $200.  Also after purchasing I can give you lots of tips about refinishing... (its not hard, you just have to know the tricks and proper technique of each material... which I will tell you/walk you through it)

Special 4This special is now a standard and included on ALL cart's prices since I have never had a customer that did not want this service.  It is one of the services we offer that our competitors do not.  Leveling and Stabilizing your cart for an additional $45.  It is NOT an additional charge (it is already figured into the price. This is a HIGHLY recommended (now included)extra service that we offer.  All carts no matter where you purchase it from will NOT be level (at least a quarter of an inch rock from end to end hence their other name "tilt cart" like the lumber carts at Home Depot).  Also having wheels they ALL roll if you bump into it or put your feet on it.  We have developed a way to securely eliminate the potential for your cart to teeter and roll.  We will make all adjustments and installations to your cart then send a few simple instructions with your purchased cart so you can make the final slight adjustments so your cart is level and stable in your house and to your own floor.

Special #5 Rubberized Wheels.  If you have very expensive floors and do not want to run any risk of the wheels (4 or 6) scraching the floors (due to dirt/dust that gathers under the edges OR would like to roll your cart around to vacuum or to make room to exercise then I suggest having the wheels rubberized.  A thin coat of black rubber is permanently applied to the bottoms of each wheel without any overhang that would be visible from the sides.   If using this cart in a application then consider rubberizing because it will make the cart roll very very quietly.  ONLY $99 which is a small fee compaired to the price of hardwood floor scratches. (Includes Partials)  Note that the wheels you see in the picture will still be the same on your cart it will just have a thin strip of rubber added to it, which is not very noticeable and does not take away from the wheel's character.


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